Quick And Easy Home Makeovers For The Busiest People!

If you’re like me, you probably love tweaking your home design quite often. And if you’re anything like me at all, then you wish you could find the time to turn the whole place into something resembling a home magazine cover! The trouble is I’m really busy, and I just can’t ever seem to find the time (or the energy) to push the furniture out and start painting. I know the place needs a little TLC and I’m pretty sure the cats are trying to get started with bringing the wallpaper down!

Fortunately, there are lots of little hints and cheats I’ve picked up along the way to speed those most essential changes along. Once you’ve got the place in good decorative order, you can quickly and easily change the look, style, colour palette and whole design. So how do you get the place in good shape to begin with? Start with the basics – wall paint and flooring.

If you pick a good colour that goes with most other colours, you’re halfway there. This doesn’t mean you pick beige or cream or magnolia (whatever they call it these days). Instead, be a bit bolder. Choose a single colour for all the walls that can easily match all your favourites. If you love purples and reds, go for something a little closer to taupe. If you’re keen on blues and greens, then move your base colour toward a coffee or lavender.
Now comes the easy bit. Floor coverings. As much as we love our pets, they do tend to clog the carpets and scratch the wood. Rugs are here to save the day. Designer rugs, in particular, offer you a huge variety of colour, pattern and texture to match any decor mood you may be in. Don’t be afraid to have a couple on standby to swap it out next time you want a seasonal change. Choose different sizes and shapes as well as different fabrics to make the biggest impact.


It doesn’t matter how many spills or tears your sofa has seen. It can be completely revamped with a simple throw. Best of all, throws can be thrown… into the washing machine! And, of course, they can be swapped out next time you fancy a colour change or a softer fabric for winter. It takes just a moment to change a throw and a rug. The impact on the room could be pretty big, especially when you change colours. So what else can you do in just a moment?


Cushions are another quick and easy way to completely change a colour scheme that will freshen the whole look and feel of the room. No, you don’t need to buy new cushions. Just swap out the covers. If you’re crafty, you can even design and make your own. Now add a couple of abstract or contemporary wall art canvases, a fresh vase of flowers in the fireplace, and you’ve given the living room a fabulous makeover in just minutes. Best of all, it all blends beautifully with that wall paint you picked.




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