An Instagram Update!

I hope you have a cup of tea at the ready, because this is going to be a long one! I’ve posted a lot this week thanks to having things to do and seeing new places, as well as not having anything to do and being entirely content with life as it is. I’ll quit the rambling now and get on with what is going to be one lengthy post.

We started the week with this poop waking me up once again. The other poop isn’t pictured because she was laying on my face like usual. I love cat hair up my nose and she’s aware of that. Thankfully, as you can see, Allie has better bed etiquette.

On this day me, my mum and brother went on a little trip to some shops not far away and just happened to encounter some lovely weather and pretty roads. I also spent far too much money on yet again more plants and gardening accessories. I have a lovely little windowsill garden going on now though, and the wall in my yard is full of flowers too!

One of the shops we visited had this spice girls clock, which was made the same year as me! I would say the spice girls are my guilty pleasure but I’m not even guilty about it, I straight up love the spice girls and feel like this is a valuable addition to my living room.

I had a really great friend come to visit on this day so I was pretty bummed when she had to leave. Little did I know all I needed was this little face looking at me like that to completely rejuvenate my day. Who needs friends when there are dogs this cute in the world?! P.S my friend is in fact way cuter than this dog, I’m just trying to make myself feel better.

I don’t feel like this needs an awful lot of explanation, a lot of people probably woke up a bit groggy on the 21st.

I feel like there are few better feelings than just being completely content with life. Sure, falling in love is great and feeling happy is bomb, but just being content has a certain sort of success to it. I enjoy it a lot at the moment, and I feel like pictures like this really show that. It’s simple and not all that interesting but just looking at it makes me smile a little bit, knowing that thats what I get to wake up to each morning, and I’m very grateful for that.

We’re going to Manchester for a couple of days tomorrow, so we’re having a super chill day and trying not to get too anxious in the lead up to it. Tom and Jerry has been one of my favourite things to watch lately, especially while eating a bowl of krave whilst still in pyjamas and snuggled down in blankets with a good cuppa.

So there you have it, thats been my week and I’ve enjoyed it. I hope you enjoyed your week and definitely check in for next weeks, thats going to be so long it might never actually end.



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