How You Can Chill Out In The Home

Life comes at you fast! One day you were job searching, the next you’re knee deep in admin work and the next after that you’re wondering what just happened! It all flies past us so fast and no matter what line of work you are in, or what you are doing right now – the days are just as hectic and pass just as quickly for us all.

Hectic days and worries? That means stress is on the horizon. On this blog, I do discuss mental health a lot as there are walls to break down and stigmas to remove. Stress is a catalyst to a lot of mental health problems, and if it isn’t confronted, then disaster might be lurking on the horizon. Don’t let stress beat you! To defeat stress, you either need to remove the issues causing stress or learn to cope. Unfortunately, we can’t wave magic wands to make stress go away so removing the factors causing our stress is hard – but coping isn’t always as difficult.

One of the best ways to cope with stress is to indulge in self-care and one of the best ways to care for yourself? It is to relax. Rest and relaxation are key and the best place to do that? It is your own humble abode.

The easiest way to grab some relaxation is to simply grab a nap. Sleeping all day can make us feel weird, but if we can grab sleep and limit it to the minutes instead of the hours, it can be a great way to reset and refresh ourselves. If you want to recharge the batteries, grab a nap!

Technology also allows us to chill out. Old school methods like vinyl and tapes allow us to play our favourite tunes for a warm fuzz, while new school ways like Spotify allow us to tap into curated chill out playlists that can help us relax. Netflix is also a winner, and there is nothing better than finding out that one of your favorite films is on Netflix, or by binging through hours of a great TV show!

Developing hobbies in the home is also a great way of not only chilling out and coping with stress, but also making the most of our time away from work or stress. Picking up a guitar or an instrument can be relaxing and a great way to learn something new, other DIY hobbies are also awesome. If you can put your hands forward at doing something creative, you’re on the right path. Other hobbies are awesome as well – playing video games, reading, just do whatever you can to let that stress flow away from you. Of course, the more productive your hobby, the better sense of accomplishment that you’ll have, which means you’ll feel even better.

Stress is a really big deal, so if you can find ways to chill out in your home, you’ll help yourself. The NHS has some really handy tips as well, here. Stress isn’t a laughing matter, but if we can laugh, joke and chill in the home – it won’t be as big of a deal!



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