An Instagram Update!

I’ve had a really exciting week this week so I can’t wait to share it with you all via pictures! I love doing these posts because I both get to relive what I’ve done that week and document it to look back on, which is really important to me. Anyway, on with the interesting stuff!

My week started early having breakfast in Costa with Rich before getting our train to Manchester! I love eating breakfast out but I hate rushing in the morning so its not something I do often. Thats exactly why I thought it’d be a great way to start our trip, and I was right! Plus I needed coffee after walking up so early.

Once in Manchester, we got the keys to our Air BnB from the host in the city centre, looked around a few shops and headed to the one thing we had both agreed we HAD to try, Taco Bell. If you’re an American you might be wondering why we were so excited to try this, but at the minute theres only 3 or 4 in the whole of the UK and after the amount of American TV shows and films that have shown Taco Bell, we were beyond excited to give it a go. It more than lived up to expectations and looking at this picture, I wish I could eat it again.

Did you know Manchester has a cat cafe?! I asked a friend on Facebook for recommendations of what to do because she visits Manchester quite a lot, and she told me they had a cat cafe. I knew I needed to go and luckily Rich agreed we could. It was a bit expensive, but completely worth it and there will likely be a whole post about it sometime soon!

There are so many gorgeous buildings in Manchester that I took pictures of and when walking back to our room we encountered all sorts of beautiful sites of the city. Liverpool city centre is gorgeous to but there isn’t anywhere I know of (other than Birkenhead maybe) where you can get a nice view of the skyline, but it seemed in Manchester that as soon as you left the proper city centre a nice view of the city appeared!

This was a get away for a couple in their early twenties so of course we did a wee bit of drinking. We started in the Hard Rock Cafe, which was incredible because I’ve never been in one before! They had a suit that had been worn by Bowie, a tea set owned by John Lennon and one of Kurt Cobains signed guitars all on display, and as a huge fan of all of the above I was in absolute heaven. It is pricey in there though, so we moved on to Yates. They do Jelly Baby cocktails! I love Jelly Babies, I love cocktails, of course I needed to have one.

Of course there needed to be some selfies involved! It was our first real trip together and I bought some new make up (post about that soon too!) so I needed to display my face for the world to see.

Guess who got on the wrong train home and then had to buy new tickets and talk themselves out of a Β£50 fine each? We did! Something had to go wrong, and at least it was something that ended up only costing Β£19 between us. Tip for everyone though, make sure you get on the right train! On the upside, everyone in our carriage had made the same mistake and also didn’t get fined.

This was the last coffee we had in Manchester and Rich plonked my cup down in front of me, went “I gave you that one because it looks like a heart” and then we proceeded to ignore each other to admire all the things we had bought.

All in all, as you can tell, we had a great trip and a great week, though I am beyond happy to be home again! I’ll be posting more posts about Manchester soon, places to visit, what we did, what I bought etc. so if you find that interesting you may want to follow me (I’m sorry I know its annoying but its true). I hope you enjoyed this post and that you have a lovely week!



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