Netflix Favourites

Anyone who knows me knows I spend far too much time watching Netflix, however that also makes me the perfect person to tell you what I think you should watch next. I feel like I’ve watched just about everything that interests me on Netflix at this point and the following list is of the things I think are the absolute best.


I absolutely adore Gotham and want everyone ever to watch it. The first 2 seasons are on Netflix and the 3rd is currently airing on Fox in America. It’s basically a Batman prequel, but its so much more than that. I’m not a huge super hero fan and had no interest in this when Rich started watching it, then I realised that its more than ‘just a super hero TV show’. Villains that everyone knows about, like The Riddler and Penguin, suddenly seem like real people with actual reasons behind their actions and those trying to stop them, like Jim Gordon, are more in the grey scale than being perfect citizens on the side of good. It’s super interesting, funny and at times heart wrenching, and I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying it at least a little bit.


Aquarius is one of the shows I started watching purely because David Duchovny was in it, and then ended up actually really enjoying. It follows David Duchovny as a cop in 1960’s California as he essentially tries to figure out what he can do to lock up Charles Manson. It’s got great actors, a certain ‘cool’ 60’s smokiness and who doesn’t love a good cop show?

The Joneses

Another David Duchovny thing, I know, but this is an amazing movie. I don’t want to give too much away because the plot twist in this damn near killed me, but lets just say it made me completely re-evaluate the way I allow advertisements to affect me, and the things I buy. Demi Moore is also great in it, and its one of the first films in a while that has held my full attention.

Being Human

I watched Being Human the first time in High School but I recently re-watched it and enjoyed it just as much as the first time. I only watch to the end of season 3 myself because of some events that happen, as far as I’m concerned thats where it ends. For those of you who haven’t heard of this show before, it basically follows Annie, Mitchell and George trying to live normal lives, which is made difficult by the fact that Annie is a ghost, Mitchell a vampire and George a werewolf.

Pretty Little Liars

This show is about to end and I am devouring these final episodes. It’s about four girls, Emily, Aria, Spencer and Hannah, who are being stalked and generally screwed over by A. Who is A? Who knows, hopefully we find out soon! This is the perfect show to watch of an evening while wearing a face mask and painting your nails.

Please feel free to give me recommendations in the comments, I’m forever looking for new things to watch!



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