Why I love Technic Make Up

I’ve been using Technic make up pretty much since I started regularly wearing make up at the age of fifteen, five years ago now! There are several reasons I’ve stuck with this brand without straying to others, and I thought I’d share those reasons with you today, there are lots of great reasons you should give this brand a go!


Technic are cruelty free, which is an important thing to me, though not all of their products are vegan friendly due to use of animal products such as bees wax. Thats not an issue to me, but if you are uncomfortable with that, there are plenty of products that are vegan friendly too, just be sure to check the packaging to avoid any nasty surprises!


The product quality is super consistent. I’ve been wearing this specific foundation almost every day for five years, I’ve gone through a lot of different bottles and every single one of them have been exactly the same. Colour, smell, coverage, all entirely consistent and doesn’t change at all, meaning I always know exactly what I’m buying.


This applies to more than just their foundations. I recently lightened my hair somewhat, and the ‘dark’ brow wax and powder had become way too dark for me, so on our recent trip to Manchester I picked up the ‘medium’ one and, thankfully, they are very much the same product. I used to use a mascara by a different brand and every bottle felt and looked like a different mascara all together so I’m very glad theres no variation with technic outside of the shade I bought.


Technic products seem to last for ever. The eye shadow palette on the left above is the one I’ve been using daily for the last year and a half (thats probably really bad isn’t it?) and as you can see, despite using every colour regularly it really hasn’t been damaged too much and will probably last another good few months.

So, theres just a few reasons I really adore technic, and just to let you know, this post was not sponsored in anyway and I bought all these products myself, they’re all really affordable and more than worth their prices.



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