An Instagram Update!

I haven’t had the most exciting week in the world so rather than bore you with a ramble as well, I’ll just get on with it!

This week marked the end of Richards time off so we headed into Liverpool for coffee on one of his last days before returning to work, and since the sun was shining I decided to dress a little more summery than I usually do!

We get sent these magazines with the pieces once a month, and then spend ages not doing it so that we end up spending a whole day getting it sorted, which I don’t mind. It’s actually a lot of fun and its going to look incredible when we finish.

If you read my post about what I’ve been watching on Netflix, you’ll know all about how much I love Gotham, so when I bought some green Converse I obviously had to pimp them out to be a bit more riddler-esque. This took 3 hours, a tiny paint brush, glitter I’m STILL finding everywhere and more glue than you would expect.


You know who’s blog you’re reading, I don’t need to explain a cat picture.


And another cat picture, although this cat was not mine.


Me and my mum share a very similar taste in music (apart from UB40, sorry mum) so it’s always fun when she gets all her records out, and believe me, there are a lot. She recently found a bunch she has that were only for DJ’s at the time and let me have them, so I can’t wait to listen to them!

So theres my week, not exciting but its been nice!



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