When Should You Swap out Your Curtains?

It’s kind of strange how very few people care about their curtains. They aren’t seen all too much because they’re usually drawn to let the sun in even during the winter, but they can add a nice touch to a room if they’re taken care of properly. It’s also something you should consider changing if you want to mix up the decor in your home. It might not seem like it at first, but changing the curtains in a room can have a big effect on how it looks with the rest of your furniture and colours.

How often should you change them?

A lot of people recommend that you change your curtains for every season. This isn’t just for decor reasons either! There are times when you want to change curtains for practical reasons too. For example, if your home is blasted with sunlight for the majority of the day in the summer, then you might want to lower the heat in your house by getting some thick curtains. It sounds counterproductive since you won’t let much light in, but if it’s choosing between a hot stuffy room with light and a cool relaxing room in the shade, it’s quite obvious what most people would pick.


You might also consider changing the curtains if you accumulate a lot of dust in your house. Perhaps you have a lot of pets or family members, or maybe you have a lot of computers and other electronic devices that attract dust like magnets. You should ideally change your curtains every season so that it gives your home decor a nice refresh but also because it’s an excuse to wash them.


Where do you get some nice curtains?

There are loads of fantastic websites on the internet where you can pick and choose curtain designs like onlinecurtainfabrics.com. There’s a huge range on the internet and you get to preview them before you place your order. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that it’s hard to get a good idea of what it would look like in your home without seeing it up close. For example, some fabrics might be thinner or thicker than you would expect and it could ruin your decor plans.


If it’s possible, head out to a fabric or home improvement store and take a good look at the different curtains and designs they have. Don’t just look at them and buy them because of the colour or pattern, get up close and feel the fabric too so that you know how thick it is and if it suits your needs.


Curtain care tips

If you plan to use the same curtains for a long time, then keep in mind that sunlight can also damage the colouring of your fabrics. If you use light colours, they’ll resist fading by reflecting the sunlight. If you plan to use dark fabric, then install some window treatments or shades if you want them to hold their colour for a long time. Check out this guide at cleanipedia.com if you want a few more tips on how to keep them clean.


Also, if you plan to machine wash your curtains then make sure they’re compatible. Some curtains aren’t suited for being washed in a machine so take great care that you don’t damage them. If they can be machine washed, then follow the instructions on the label. Otherwise, use a gentle cycle with cool water and tumble dry on low so that it doesn’t shrink.



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