An Instagram Update!

I know this was supposed to go up on Sunday, I know I’ve broken a pretty good ‘up on time’ streak but lets not dwell on it and just get on, I’ve had a busy week and have another one ahead!

So the caption pretty much says it all, I had a mental health assessment that actually went well and left me feeling good and hopeful, and not pictured but I went to the Job Centre the day after with my mum just to have a little nosey and see if there was anything I thought I could do and I now have job experience with them! I haven’t done anything as such yet but all the staff are lovely and I’m looking forward to getting started with it!

Why is there always a picture of the sky, why do I do this?!

Say what you want about selfies but I love taking them and I still feel like I looked pretty damn good here. One day my grandkids are gonna see these pictures and agree I looked damn good.

 One day I’m going to eat peppers from this and its going to be great, but for now I’m just going to look after them.



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