Protect Your Dog in Your Home, and Protect Your Home from Your Dog

Before you let a dog into your home you need to ensure your home is ready for it. You need to ensure that your home and your garden are as safe as can be for the new dog you are allowing into your life, especially if said dog is still a puppy. However, as well as this you should also ensure that your home is protected from the plights of dog ownership. You should ensure that your home is, at all times, protected from the unavoidable dirt that dogs bring with them. Below are a few ways you can do so.


First of all, you should take to dog proofing the biggest danger hotspot in your home, the kitchen. Having a dog, especially a young and untrained one, is not too dissimilar to having a child in this sense. You need to make sure all cupboards are locked by implementing some sort of dog proof latch on them. You also need to ensure that no harmful chemicals, such as bleach, can be accessed and then drank by your dog. You should also ensure that you keep the doors to the oven, fridge, freezer and washing machine locked at all times. If you don’t, and your dog somehow finds itself locked inside one of them, it can lead to very serious consequences.

But spare a thought for your home during the venture that is dog ownership. Yes, it needs to be a safe place for your dog to grow and live in, but that doesn’t mean it has to now cater solely to it. It doesn’t mean that your home need to be full of dog hairs. To combat this you should not only choose the best grooming tools for your dog to make sure it sheds its fur in as comfortable and safe a way as possible. No, you should also do all you can to keep your dog’s hair under control, for your home’s sake. To do so you should never brush hair away and ‘come back to it’ later. You should make sure it is dealt with there and then so as to ensure it doesn’t fester. You should also, during the time in which your dog is shedding its fur, protect your floors with throw rugs. As well as protecting your home from your dog’s fur, you should also protect it from muddy paw prints. To do this there is only one remedy: wash your dog’s feet whenever they come indoors. Yes, it is imperative that you home is dog friendly, but it is also imperative that your home remains people friendly too. And a home that is inundated with the dirt that dogs induce is not a people friendly one!

A dog owner’s home plays a hugely important role in the development of the dog. It is its home. It is its territory. For this reason it needs to be as safe and as comforting for them as possible. But this doesn’t mean a dog owner shouldn’t provide their home with some TLC from time to time as well.




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