The Personal Barber Box Review!

I was recently sent a ‘The Personal Barber‘ box for my brother to try out for me to review (unfortunately I don’t currently have enough facial hair to try it out myself) and let me tell you right now, my brother is over the moon with it.

The first box contains the razor, blades, and future boxes do not feature the razor but  they do continue to send you more blades. In this box we also got a shaving soap by Wickham Soap Co, an after shaving balm by Dapper Dan, an ‘eau de toilet’ by Dear Barber and a fancy bristle brush for applying the shaving soap. There are different products each month but they all relate to shaving!

My brother was especially impressed with the shaving soap and the brush, the brush was extremely soft but applied the soap really well, and the soap was brilliant! It lathered up so well and smelt incredible, plus once he had put it on he didn’t need to reapply any to get a smooth shave. My favourite part was probably the actual razor, the box is £25 if you purchase it month by month (it does get cheaper when you buy a 3/6/12 month package) and I feel like this kind of razor would cost more than that on its own.

The razor is heavy and sturdy, and has ‘The Personal Barber’ written on the top in a way that looks like frosted glass. It’s very fancy and my brother was thoroughly impressed by it, as were me and my mum. It’s got a very vintage feel to it while still being modern and easy to use, though my brother did have a slight bit of hand cramp with it though. I think personally its probably because he has huge hands and the handle is made more for people with smaller hands than his.

Everything in the box felt very luxurious and all of it smelt amazing, the after shave balm especially felt absolutely heavenly. You can see from the pictures above how well my brother was able to shave using these products and I think if you are the kind of man that shaves daily, this would be a great thing to have to ensure a good shave that is also enjoyable.

I also feel like its quite a nice thing to have so that you can change up the products you use each month while also finding new products you can find to use regularly, plus it means no extra shopping trips if you run out of shaving soap or something else thats included in the box since you’ll get a new one to your door each month.

I’ve decided to start adding ratings out of 10 for products I review, and we’re starting this new decision out on a high by give The Personal Barber Box a perfect review of 10/10. My brother is 100% happy with this box and I thought it was great too. Its a brilliant thing to buy for yourself and it’d be an amazing thing to get as a gift, especially with fathers day coming up! If you’re planning on buying the 3 or 6 month packages before the 19th of June don’t forget to use CARRYONB to get 20% off!



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