An Instagram Update!

This week has felt like the longest of my life, and there will be a post all about that tomorrow, but thats why I unfortunately only have three pictures to share this month. So though it may be a short one, at least I’ve managed to get it up on time! Thats something right?!

I’ve been sent some gorgeous paint to use in my house (there will be a blog post all about it as soon as I’ve done all the decorating!) and I couldn’t resist using boomerang to make this gif. This is one of my favourite things I’ve ever uploaded to Instagram and I can’t wait to make a whole blog post about this brilliant paint.

This whole work experience thing will be discussed in the post you’ll see tomorrow, and it will be a long one, but I spent this specific day absolutely dithering! It was so annoying because I had been practically on fire the entirety of the previous day.

Even the shortest of posts needs a cat picture! Jodie is just so pretty and photogenic, look at those eyes! How am I supposed to resist taking pictures of her?



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