An Instagram Update!

This week has been one spent at home trying to sort my head and house out, and at least one of those things is coming along nicely! As always, no need to ramble, lets just get on with the post!


You just can’t beat a jammy dodger. Luckily enough for me, Rich hates them so I don’t even have to share! Which honestly, is just as well because I probably wouldn’t share even if he did like them.

I quit my work experience (long story, but it was for the best for me) and I walked home feeling peaceful and grounded and like I had made the right decision, and I looked at the clouds and the daisies and all the other people living their lives and I just felt so in awe of the world around me and I didn’t notice any of that when I had to get up at 7 AM to go to a place I felt out of place and fake in, and thats how I know I made the right decision.


I’m not a fan of snails, especially now that one has eaten my entire mint plant, but this little guy looked kinda cute on the edge of the pot like that so I had to snap a picture. I actually really love this picture, I like all the different textures he has and how well the focus turned out even though I took this on my phone. Also, don’t worry, I don’t kill snails! I just put them on the plants in the alley way out back.

I really like to record the first stroke of paint on a plain wall for some reason, I just like the fact that I’m changing it and turning the space around me into a representation of myself and it just makes me happy.


The down side of painting is that I’ve had two showers since this picture and I still have paint on my hand.

My bedroom is inspired by stars now, the tiny rocks drifting far away and the dying planets. I love looking out at the night sky and wondering what is out there, because I’m sure there must be life out there and I just can’t imagine what their cultures and plants must be like, but I hope one day we get to find out.



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