The 5 Occasions Every Girl Needs An Outfit For!

It’s not easy making sure your wardrobe is always up to scratch, but it doesn’t have to be quite as mystifying as you might think. If you divide up sections of your wardrobe into the different types of occasion you need to dress for, everything becomes much more simple! We’re all different, of course, but there are some common things that we all do. Take care of those outlined below – plus a couple of occasions specific only to you – and you’ll be ready to tackle the world, whatever it throws at you.

Chilly Autumn Days

We’re about to head into summer, so we don’t want to talk about the cold weather too much, but…this is England, so we all know that cold weather is a pretty big part of our lives. Having a few essentials can ensure you can ride out autumn and winter without any problem! Make sure you have a nice pair of warm boots to keep your feet warm, a few pairs of jeans or other legwear, and a warm coat. They’ll all be paired with the true star of autumn: the sweater! Load up on your sweaters, and you’ll always be able to keep the chill at bay.

A Classy Evening

It’s always nice to have a reason to get dressed up and go out on the town. It does become a bit anxiety-inducing if you don’t have anything to wear though! But don’t worry: if you have nice shoes and a black dress, you’ll always have a go-to outfit to save your bacon. Add in a few items of jewellery and you’ll always look a million dollars, even if the outfit didn’t cost anywhere near that much. Take it easy on the champagne, and you’ll have the type of classy evening that stays with us forever.

Lounging Ware

Sure, doing things is fun…but you know what’s even better? Not doing things! Lounging around doing nothing but reading and watching films is just about the best thing you can do, but only if you have the appropriate clothing! Chiefly, that’s big, warm, comfortable items of old clothing that are so relaxing we just sink into them. They’re best when they’re aged like a fine wine, so if you have a sweater, you think you might throw away, don’t. Keep it in the wardrobe and, in a year or two, it’ll become an indispensable part of your life.

For Summer

Summer will be short in England, but it always comes at some point! Denim shorts, a few light t-shirts, and a few more light and breezy dresses will give you everything you need to navigate the British sunshine. If you can comfortably see yourself playing frisbee in the park in your outfit, then it’s summer ready!

Getting Active

Let’s get active! We all need those items of clothing that allow us to go the gym, do yoga, and run about town if only to motivate us to do those things. Invest once and who knows, you might put the effort in to stay active!

It might seem a bit extreme to try to have an outfit for each occasion you find yourself in, but I’ve found myself that it really helps me to not get as anxious about events and doing things out in public if I know what I’m going to wear for it, and these are the things I always make sure I have outfits for!



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