An Instagram Update!

I don’t know how its happened, but I’ve posted A LOT on Instagram this week, meaning this will be a longish post, and put up on time! I’m really on a roll with this now aren’t I?!


She’s beautiful isn’t she? You might not think so from this picture, but theres an adorable one of her later on where her true beauty really shines through!

You’ve seen Rupert before because I love him (or her, I don’t actually know) but a new exciting development has appeared in our relationship. He now follows me two streets home and then sits on the corner to watch me leave. It’s very cute and it makes me feel special.

Speaking of something very cute that makes me feel special…Richard! It was his Birthday on the 2nd so we had a few more treats than we usually would this week, not that I’m complaining even if I did pay for most of them. I mean, I couldn’t not pay for them, it was his Birthday and he didn’t hesitate to remind me of that.

Here we see how beautiful she is! What a little cutie! Allie moves so fast I rarely catch good pictures of her, but every now and again I manage to grab something like this.


All my plants are doing really well at the minute, which I am over the moon about, and I still adore the view I get from my kitchen window, plus we all know I can’t resist pictures that show case how beautiful the sky is.

As of the 1st of this month I’ve been eating really clean and healthy, and enjoying it (!!!!) so of course pictures of my new healthy meals are necessary. Mostly so I can remember to eat them again sometime!

Is it rude to take this many pictures of someone else cat?


The Luminarium is so cool! If you’re in Liverpool (or where ever else they happen to have one) its definitely worth a visit! I loved it especially because its there to celebrate Sgt. Peppers being 50 years old and I think we all know I love The Beatles a lot.

I understand the hype about nice cream now, I understand and appreciate it.

Looking at pictures of/from my old flat makes me really appreciate the lovely home I get to live in now! I feel like its so important to be grateful for what you have and I’m starting to really focus on what I have rather than what I want, which I feel like is really helping me to grow as a person!



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