Review of Pulsin’s Vegan Brownies!

I was recently sent a huge variety of vegan brownie’s from Pulsin and I have been enjoying trying them all so much! So far my favourite is the maple and peanut one, but I still have four or five left to try so that may well change. There is a huge range of flavours and I can’t wait to try the peppermint one, some contain things I’ve never tried before too like goji berries so I’m looking forward to tasting them!


There are a lot of things I love about these, but the first thing I’m going to talk about is the packaging because its the most obvious. Its gorgeous! I was mostly sent the individual brownies that you can see in the post below so that I could try as many flavours as possible, but I was also sent this box of three brownie bars. The packaging on the actual bars is similar to the ones on the individual bars, and its the same pattern as the box which I really liked.

The other thing I like about the packaging is that the little circular pattern actually relates to what is in each bar, such as peanuts or oranges. I know the packaging isn’t really important but its little touches like that really make me enjoy and appreciate a product that little bit more.


Now onto the important part of what is inside the packaging! These bars are delicious. They are like the ultimate fudge brownie, they’re so rich and slightly chewy and the ones that have nuts have the perfect nut to brownie ratio so that you really taste everything all in one mouthful without anything being too over powering. They’re also really, really filling. I definitely wouldn’t use one as a replacement for a whole meal, but they’re perfect as a desert if your meal hasn’t quite filled you up enough, or just as a snack.


Finally, I know its not quite as interesting as how delicious they are, but these BROWNIES are actually HEALTHY. Pulsin has lots of products packed absolutely full of protein, which I love since I’m super new to veganism so protein can be a worry, as well as fibre not to mention all the fancy minerals in the cacao that is used.

All in all these get a 10/10 and a round of applause. Healthy, delicious and beautiful in both packaging and the appearance I have nothing to complain about, except maybe how quickly I’m getting through these. Even my boyfriend, who usually steers completely clear of anything vegan, ate a whole one and asked for another. He didn’t get another though, I’m not that nice.

Check out their website here and @Pulsinandbeond on social media!



One thought on “Review of Pulsin’s Vegan Brownies!

  1. The brownies sound great. I will try it if I see them in shops. I try to have some healthy snacks at home, ready to take in the car with me, when I don’t have time for a proper meal.


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