£35 Vegan Grocery Haul for 8+Days!

Having only very recently gone vegan myself, I spent a lot of time before my first big shop checking out other peoples grocery hauls or shopping lists to try to figure out what kind of stuff I might want to buy that I’d actually use. My first big vegan shop managed to last for nine days, which is a LOT longer than how long my meat and dairy inclusive shops would usually last, not to mention I’m spending around £15-20 less than I usually would.

I don’t want to bore you for too long, but before we get into the post I just want to mention that these items are from Aldi and Asda, which I have found to be the cheapest for most fresh fruit and veg, and Asda is the only place I’ve found that sells certain things I wanted. Okay, now lets get into it properly!


As you can see, I got a pretty huge amount of food! Heres my shopping list, and I managed to get every single thing! Untitled-2

As you can see, its quite a lot of stuff, but since a fair amount of it is very cheap, it adds up to just under £35, and between me and my boyfriend I’m guessing it’ll last around 9-10 days. My boyfriend will also buy his own meat, milks, eggs etc. through that time, but since I have nothing to do with that and I don’t want to promote a meat eating lifestyle anymore I decided not to include that extra parts in the list.

I will also be sharing what meals I made across the course of the week or longer with ingredients from this shop, so keep an eye out for that!



One thought on “£35 Vegan Grocery Haul for 8+Days!

  1. A lot of food for £35 and very diverse and healthy too. You have Chia seeds and almonds and lots and lots of veggies. I will make a post with on my weekly shopping, it sounds interesting. It would be interesting to see how much I spend when I buy enough for 1 week. Everything I buy is vegetarian (my husband would eat fish like once a month, not often enough to include it in the weekly shopping), so I assume it will be a bit more expensive.


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