The Little Greene Paint Company Review!

Since moving into my new house way back in November I hadn’t really painted anywhere because paint is surprisingly expensive and some cheap purple paint I had bought stayed streaky and gross looking after four layers, so when The Little Greeen Paint Company offered to send me some paint I virtually bit their hand off! So lets get into the review!

As you can see, I decided to go with ‘Deep Space Blue’ for the bedroom since I knew I wanted to do something with a space vibe in there, and ‘Mister David’, a lovely bright sunshine kind of yellow, to go in the ‘vestibule’ as my boyfriend calls it. I call it ‘the tiny room you first walk into when you walk into the house’ but thats a whole different argument. They’re both from the English Heritage collection, which I enjoy because it makes them feel fancy.

As you can see in the picture, the purple was bad. It was really, really bad, and thats the only reason I had to do two coats of ‘Mister David’. As you can see from the second picture though, two coats and the purple was completely covered without a streak or patch in sight, which I am so happy about! Plus, unlike the cheap purple I had this had a real paint consistency so it didn’t splatter everywhere and make a mess.

Moving on to the bedroom, which is definitely my favourite part, I decided to create a feature wall with the blue and use a different gold paint to add a constellation pattern. I have actually finished the whole wall now, but I can never resist a cute cat picture thats also relevant to the blog post! Luckily enough I hadn’t made any attempt at painting this wall with anything else so after one layer it was completely perfect. Unlike other paints I’ve used in the past it also didn’t leak under the masking tape so the skirting board is still a crisp white and contrasts with the dark paint really nicely.

Because such a big tin of paint is obviously more than just one walls worth, I decided I wanted to incorporate the colour into other parts of the room, so I painted a cardboard banner I already had laying around with it, then added more constellations and hung it above a tapestry that was already over the bed opposite the feature wall. I also covered a piece of wood with gold fabric and painted a constellation onto it using the blue to mix it up a touch. I’m very adventurous I know.

I did a few other bits with the paint to, which you can see in the video below along with the entire painting process if you want to do the same yourself. Be warned though, painting the wall blue is definitely the easiest part! I spent around 15 hours painting on the constellations.

As you can see in both the pictures and video, this paint is brilliant. It is a tad pricey for anyone on a similar budget to me, but its definitely worth the price if you want a nice coverage that’ll really last (believe me it lasts at least 4 washes if you get it on jeans) and its a thick enough consistency that it doesn’t splatter you while you’re rolling it on, which paint always seems to do to me. They also have a really great range of colours from neutrals to the brightest of brights, and it arrives really well packaged so you don’t have to worry about it already having spilt or the can being damaged.



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