The future of Interior Design

Interior design is forever changing and expanding to include different themes, colour schemes and crazy statement pieces. Much like fashion, trends within interior design are constantly changing. Below are some of the insane ways that interior design is changing for the better, along with some classic interior staples that are going nowhere…

Bold Colour

We’ve seen bold colours before in the mid-noughties, bright pinks and purples contrasted with more bright colours. This time around, expect to see dull greens with bright green colour pops in contrast. For example, forest green walls with mint green throw pillows or dark grays mixed with grays from the same colour palette.

This kind of colour blocking is popping up all over the UK in both magazines and interior design blogs alike, so this is definitely a trend to look out for in 2017.

Faux Everything

It’s quite likely that this interiors trend is influenced by bloggers around the world. We’re talking faux marble surfaces, faux wooly rugs and snakeskin, and faux finishes in order to make a space pop. Not only does this save money, but it creates a great atmosphere in the home. Faux marble worktops can be bought on the likes of Amazon for around £10 a piece.


This is an upcoming trend seen in the likes of Vogue, and includes layering different textures in one space in order to create depth to any one room. Think velvet chairs and cork desks, or detailed wallpapers with minimal furniture. This is a fun trend that you can play with, and especially attracts the scatterbrained designers of the world.

Window Decoration

As a somewhat overlooked space in any room, window decoration is looking like a large trend to follow in 2017. Many UK homeowners will default their window space with ordinary martial vertical blinds. However, trends for window spaces this year include bold wooden venetian blinds in white or even gray. This can really spruce up a window space and tie it in with the rest of the room. Companies such as Ambition Blinds ensure that their clients’ needs are met, and will make sure that your window looks amazing, no matter what your budget.

Tropical Dream

Palms, palm prints, tropical colours, you name it and you’ll find it under the Tropical theme in most interior design stores around the UK. Palm prints have been up and coming for a number of years. However, it seems 2017 is the official year for the trend, with even high street stores selling palm print everything in their home sections.


One trend that refuses to die is the map trend. World maps, star maps, scratch off where you’ve visited maps…Honestly, I could go on. It seems IKEA has a permanent choice of maps to buy in their print section because of this trend. We’re predicting that this will die down in coming years, however, you never know….

Have you seen a trend that you think could be big? Like any of the trends above? Comment below!


Guest Post by Gina Kay Daniel


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