Pizza Express Vegan Review!

Becoming vegan, I knew at some point I was going to end up eating out at some point. It sounded stressful and scary and like the exact kind of thing that would make me beyond anxious. Having to ask for a different menu? Having to ask questions?! No thank you. Luckily, it was nothing like that, and I wanted to share my experience of eating out as a vegan for the first time.

We ended up at Pizza Express (the one in Liverpool One for any locals), where neither me or Rich had been before so I was already a little anxious from that. I read through the menu a few times hoping things may be marked ‘ve’ like I’ve seen in some places but all were just labelled vegetarian. I noticed that the Pianta pizza didn’t have cheese on so made sure with the waiter it was vegan (it was!) and ordered that. No hassle, no extra menu’s, just one quick question. Plus its pretty easy to ask a question when the prospect of pizza exists.

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 21.44.34

It doesn’t look that great I know, but the taste is incredible! Theres so much on there I didn’t even miss the cheese. Speaking of cheese, our waiter was brilliant and had obviously noticed I wasn’t into animal products, so he came over to chat and told us that from some time next week they’re going to be having a vegan cheese so that almost any pizza can be veganised! He offered me a taste and of course I wasn’t about to turn that down. I’m pretty sure he said I’m the first member of the public to try it in that store too, so thats cool.


I know it doesn’t look like much since it was just a taster but good lord. For those who remember dairy products well, its exactly like when you made some really good cheese on toast and you bit into while it was still really hot and the cheese was still super melted. Exactly like that without burning the taste buds off your tongue. Rich had a try of it and even as a meat and dairy eater, he said it was lovely and tasted a lot like real cheese! It didn’t quite have the same texture as normal pizza cheese, but nothings perfect and this close enough to perfect to make me happy.

So if you’re craving vegan pizza (or just pizza in general and want to give a vegan meal a go), head over to pizza express next week!



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