Vegan Falafel Recipe!

You might have seen my ‘falafel inspired salad’ not too long ago, and you may know that the reason that happened was because I couldn’t figure out how to make proper falafel. As it is though, I have! These are delicious and just like the ones I’ve bought in restaurants and I’ve been eating them a little way too often since I figured them out.


As you can see, the ingredients aren’t too complicated and can mostly be swapped out with anything you prefer. I used a cup of tinned chickpeas, drained, around 4 table spoons of oat flour (ground up normal oats, you can use any flour though!), a squeeze of lemon juice, half a red onion, two cloves of garlic, a little sliver of red pepper, two mint leaves, some chives, parsley and a good hand full of spinach. With the flour, how moist other things you use will determine how much you need. Put everything into your food processor, minus the flour, and blend lightly, then add flour bit by bit blending in between until its a good enough texture that you can roll it into balls.


Then just bake at around gas mark 7 for 40-ish minutes. Of course, if you make smaller or bigger balls than mine (haha) you’ll need to adjust that time, but like with most things just check them with a toothpick or sharp knife when they look mostly ready. Once the toothpick comes out clean you’re ready to serve them!


I served mine on top of salad though I’ve also had them with humous as a dip, which is a bit of a chickpea over load but I love chickpeas so its all good!



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