Office Yoga?!

As someone who works from home, I spend a lot of time sat at my desk each day without moving, and we all know its important to get at least an hour of exercise a day. That’s difficult for many of us though, with work and life in general it can often just slip to the side and you forget all about it. That’s exactly why F@W reception desks has created a video of ‘Office Yoga’ that you can do without having to even move from your desk!



Yoga has been shown to have so many health benefits both physically and mentally, but with busy schedules both socially and with work, theres so many people that brush it off. It’s always something you’ll get around to, I know thats what I think a lot, but being able to take a few minutes at your desk isn’t as big a sacrifice as setting up your yoga mat at home or heading out to a lesson.

A great benefit of doing it at your desk also means you’re bringing clarity and calmness into your work space, or at least thats what I’ve found. Yoga gives you a few minutes to settle your mind, stretch your body out a little and just relax. We all need a few moments to do that, especially on really stressful days.

I’m also sure that taking a little break to do this would probably help you with your work, as a blogger I know that it helps me to think better, which helps me to be both more creative and more articulate, and I feel like it’ll do the same for most other positions too.

So next time you have a stiff neck or feel a head ache coming on, take a few minutes to try some office yoga!



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