How To Get Free Stuff Online?!

We all love a good bargain, and we all know that the best bargains are the free ones. There are adds all over the place about how to get free this or that, promotions for free items or warnings against these kinds of scams. Sometimes we all need to stretch our money a little further, and a really good way to do this is by getting free things, unless they never actually arrive! But surely there are places online where you can really get free stuff that you need, without being scammed, never receiving the item or having to pay pricey postage? There are!

Gratisfaction  is one of these mysterious places. Freebies, vouchers and bargains are all listed here for everything from food to laundry supplies, coffee to perfume. There are also voucher codes that suit just about every need you have, from a gym membership to burger king! Plus, users can up vote or down vote each item so that if something doesn’t work or works really well, you know about it from other users! I managed to get some sun burn relief cream from here, and believe me it was exactly what I needed. If you’re looking for Freebies UK, this is your site!

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 16.47.14.png

Magic Freebies UK is similar, but doesn’t have vouchers unfortunately. You also have to sign up and receive emails to find the free stuff, which is troublesome and annoying for people like me that already have an over flowing inbox that I need to sort out. They do have some amazing freebies though, and my mum has used this before and gotten full size shampoos and conditioners!

Crazy Free is similar to Magic Freebies in the way that you have to sign up with them to actually try to claim what it is you want, and a lot of their ‘free’ things are the types where you have to sign up to a subscription but the first item (a graze box, for example) is free while you have to pay for the rest. It might be useful if you don’t mind that though!

Where are your favourite places to get free items when you need to stretch your money a little further than usual or when you want to treat yourself without splashing out?



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