An Instagram Update!

Another week, another update…

It’s mac and cheese, its the ultimate comfort food, and its vegan! What more could a girl ask for?

One of my cats always looks annoyed (she’s probably just done with me honestly) and the other always looks this grumpy. She even looks this grumpy when she plays, its kind of funny.

See what I mean? She just sort of looks like she wishes I’d stop talking to her and just leave her alone. It’s similar to the look my brother gives me when I’ve been talking about The X-Files none stop for an hour.

Sorry if I’m just making you hungry with this post, but this Indian inspired meal I made for my mum and me was bloody good! Everything you see was hand made by me, literally everything. Even the mango chutney. I did it all, it took hours, it was more than worth it.



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