An Instagram Update!

I’m finally getting into instagram again, so this weeks post is much more interesting! I’m really glad I’m keeping up with doing this though, and I can’t wait for the end of the year when I’ll be able to look back and remember everything week by week!


This is a genuine question though, literally everything in this picture is, I’m pretty sure, older than I am. Charity shops are my fave though for that very reason, tapes and X-Files books are all I need to stay happy.

I just thought it looked pretty okay so I wanted to take a picture, theres nothing more to it than that.

I love taking pictures of all the little bugs that I spot in mine or my mums yards, especially bees. Look at them, flying about doing their little jobs and taking the occasional rest. They’re really cute and I enjoy having these guys around, even though I panic overtime they fly near my face.

I’m so excited for my new tattoo! I’m not going to tell you what I’m getting yet, but its going to be awesome, and I’m getting it at Bad to the Bone, where I got my X-Files tattoo. They are brilliant in there and that just makes it all the more exciting!

I’m pretty sure his name is Gilbert, but my Aunt has a lot of cats and 4 of them are ginger, so he could actually be called anything but I love him anyway.



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