Dogs vs Cats: Which Four-Legged Friend Would You Choose?

Like so many other people online, I spend so much of my time watching cute animal videos. No matter how hard I try to avoid them and be productive, at least one or two will slip their way into my daily routine. But who could blame me? There are so many beautiful little creatures out there that you find yourself drawn to them. So, this got me thinking. If I were to choose a pet, which would I go for? There are so many benefits when it comes to keeping different species that it can become hard to pick. Here are a few options I’ve found myself considering lately.


Cats: the Kings and Queens of websites like Tumblr and Instagram. They exude class and style, lounging in patches of sunlight and padding their little bean toes into cushions, duvets, jumpers… anything really. There’s so much more to these beautiful creatures than their cute looks alone though. They’re sassy too! Think of the endless videos of cats staring their owners straight in the eye as they push a glass off the table. Every home could do with a touch of such strong-willed personality. But, we need to remember that kitty cats aren’t just for our entertainment. They require looking after too. One of the main benefits of having a cat is their independence. They are relatively self-sufficient and can keep themselves occupied while you’re out of the house. They don’t need walking either. House cats will happily stay indoors (as long as they’re given enough space) and other breeds will happily roam the streets, exercising themselves and exploring all at once.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 16.45.40.png


We are a nation of dog lovers. That goes without saying. While pups may be a little less independent than cats, they make up for your extra time and attention with unconditional love and loyalty. These pets really would become part of your family. Each breed has its own mannerisms and each individual dog will have his or her own personality which you will inevitably love to grow. Wherever you go, your canine companion will want to be by your side and they will go wild with excitement when you return home at the end of the day, even if you were only out for a couple of hours. Plus dogs are adorable, even ‘ugly’ dogs are super cute. Of course thats the least important thing about a dog, but still one we all appreciate I think!Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 16.46.34.png


While these bright and bristly animals are adorable and will make a great addition to almost anybody’s life, remember that they are a living thing and not a toy. Both dogs and cats have long life expectancies. So you need to make sure that you can truly commit to caring for this creature for his or her entire life. This includes the more serious tasks alongside the cuddling, petting and playing. You will have to ensure that your dog is fully protected against bugs with dog flea medicine, regular worming and general checkups at the vets. You will also have to invest in flea treatments for your cat and ensure that they have any vaccinations they might need. All pets should be microchipped and have an insurance plan too, so you can find them if they stray and are covered to provide essential treatment if the worst is to happen. Even if your cat stays in doors like mine do, its a good idea to get them chipped just in case they ever get lost!


If you are in search of a pet, whether you opt for a cat or dog, try to adopt! There are so many beautiful creatures out there waiting in earnest for loving homes. There will be all sorts of breeds and ages waiting for you, and I think personally you can really create an especially special bond with an animal you rescue. You’re giving that animal a better life than its had so far, and its going to improve your life too! 




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