How to Find a Partner?!

I’ve been with Rich for almost 4 years now, since I was 16, and in the time we’ve been together I’ve been asked a lot of times ‘How do you find someone?’ and many, many variations of that question, so today I wanted to share some ways that you can meet more people and perhaps find that special someone!

Just wait.

I know its boring and not helpful, but I personally think theres someone for everyone and eventually you’re going to stumble into them, thats exactly what happened to me and I am glad it happened that way, though I’m sure I would have been just as happy to meet him if we had met in another way!

Online Dating!

Perhaps a bit more fun, downloading Tinder is something many of us have done for a laugh, but it can and has been used for people to find the person they marry! But of course, we’re not all looking for someone to marry and settle down with, so if you’re looking for some more *cough* adult dating *cough* there are sites you can go to like the one linked to have some no strings attached fun (and don’t let anyone make you feel bad for it either!).

Blind Dates?!

I don’t think they’re as common as they used to be, but thats actually how my parents met! So grab some of your friends that know you the best and get them to set you up with someone they think you’d like. The best case is that you literally end up marrying that person, and the worst is that you went on a date with a guy/girl you found to be kind of boring.

How did you meet your partner? And if you don’t have one, how would you like to meet them?



One thought on “How to Find a Partner?!

  1. I met my husband at Uni. We were set up by a mutual friend after our long term relationships had each come to an end. I thought he was a bit of a knob at first, but there must have been something I liked as I proposed to him 8 years ago 😉


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