An Instagram Update!

I’m never 100% sure what to say in these little intro’s. Should I say how good or bad my week has been? Explain some of the pictures? I have no idea, and I’ve been doing these for over half a year now! Hopefully I figure it out soon, but for now, on with the update!

I’m not the best at make up, but I do really enjoy applying it and playing around so even though it’s not amazing, I’ve been trying to be proud of the skills I do have, and I think most of them are on show in this picture!

My mums cat, Jude, is the grumpiest, most constantly annoyed cat I have ever met and yet somehow she manages to simultaneously be really cute and occasionally sweet. She’s an odd little thing but she fits into our family pretty well. Which might say something about us.

For the first time in my adult like I have a garden (its a yard, I need to stop lying to myself) so I’ve been really enjoying all the flowers I can now grow, and soon I’ll be enjoying the food I’m growing too! This foxglove (I think thats what it is?) it one of the few plants I’ve actually grown from seed so I am beyond proud of it.

I mostly wanted to show off my wall but didn’t want to share another picture of literally just my wall.

Is there a picture of the sky in every single one of these update? Probably.

Rich performed at his works talent show, and its been a while since he’s done any gigs that I’ve been able to go to so it was really exciting getting to see him show off a bit again, and he was amazing. Everyone that performed was great but obviously, being my boyfriend, Rich was definitely the best!



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