An Instagram Update!

This one is so short. The shortest ever, its literally pointless outside the fact that I really want to have actually done this each week for the whole year. Purely to prove to myself I can, so here you go!

This picture is from quite a while ago, but its one of my favourites. We had a really nice walk and listened to music together and it was just super chill and I enjoyed it a lot. I wish the weather was nicer so we could do it again but I don’t want to get soaked and end up with a cold.

Even with her little torn ear from being a scrappy idiot that can’t fight, she’s adorable and she’s my actual baby, except not because we’re not the same species.

I’ve changed the style of music I write and play a lot lately and I’m really excited to record and share a lot more of it, it finally feels like I’m properly writing what I want to write without worrying about not being able to play it properly or portray whatever it is I’m trying to. It’s pretty nice.



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