Dandelion Interiors Lamp Review!

You might have seen my wishlist for Dandelion Interiors a little while ago, and since I wrote that post they’ve sent me a gorgeous lamp to review! I think you can tell from my other post just how much I loved everything on their site but this lamp just takes the biscuit, its just my style.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 01.43.42.png

This picture is not the best to truly show the beauty of this lamp, but honestly its really hard to get a good picture of a source of light and this was one of the few pictures where you actually tell what was going on. It is, in the most basic way I can say it, a vintage bulb with a base and a glass jar over it, kind of like the rose but in Beauty and the Beast but, you know, a lamp instead. It gives a lovely warm glow and makes the whole room feel super cosy, which is exactly what I hoped it would do!

It came with the bulb, and it was really well packaged. I think the post people probably could have been really throwing it around and it still wouldn’t have gotten broken because it was so brilliantly protected, and its also really sturdy. I might have accidentally sort of dropped the glass onto the base and I fully expected an explosion of glass and it was actually, thankfully, completely fine!

I just think it adds such a lovely, vintage look to the area of my living room that its in and it gives off way more light than you’d expect without being blinding, so all in all I love it a lot!



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