FFX.co.uk Tool Review!

I know this isn’t the kind of post you expect on here, but I try to tailor my blog to the things I want to blog about rather than necessarily just the things my readers might expect from me, so I do hope you still enjoy this post! FFX.co.uk reached out to me offering a voucher to use on their site, and I jumped at the chance. My brother is forever fixing things for the rest of the family so I let him choose what he wanted and he chose this bicycle tool kit.

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 10.44.30

We’ve all recently gotten bikes that could use a bit of work so this really did come at the perfect time! The site was really easy to navigate and included a lot of information about everything on there, which was super useful because it meant my brother could find the kit that didn’t include too many of the tools he already has without having to do extra googling or zooming in on pictures.

As you can see, he got to work straight away! We were all really impressed with the quality of the tools, my brother is the kind of guy that has literally snapped wrenches in half, he doesn’t go easy on things and so far everything is holding up really well. Even the couple of plastic items are really sturdy and I don’t think they’re going to break any time soon.

I really liked getting a voucher rather than the company just sending me something out because I often wonder if I get some ‘special treatment’ and don’t have to wait as long as a customer would to receive my products, but by going through the site I know that the postage really is just very fast and everything arrives well packaged. My brother was really impressed and, as a mechanic, I think its pretty likely he’ll be using FFX.co.uk again in future!



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