An Instagram Update!

Another shortish one today because although I had an awesome week, I didn’t take many pictures and I didn’t put many of those I did take on Instagram. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back from social media, and though I don’t personally take real breaks like some people, this is kind of my version of that.

Stroking cats on the street is my aesthetic and this one is my favourite 👽😻😘

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We all know about Rupert. Is he even a boy? I haven’t got a clue but after my own, I love this cat the most.

What is it with cats and high places? 😂😻👽

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I recorded some music recently and its very different from the music I usually write but it feels more me, it kind of feels like the stuff I’ve always wanted to write but have only just figured out. You can click here to listen to one of my new songs!

I wish I could grab all my veggies out of my own garden but for now I'm happy with my home grown onions 😊👽💚

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Growing your own food is so rewarding! I haven’t been able to grow anything edible since I was a kid, and my mum did a lot more than I did back then so I am beyond proud of these onions. They tasted amazing! I also have peppers, peas and tomatoes growing in my little yard and I can’t wait to start eating more food that I’ve grown myself. It just goes to show that anyone can do it, I’m not green fingered at all and I have a tiny concrete yard but I’ve managed it!

I just know my meat eating boyfriend is going to love having vegan fridge magnets 😂😊👽

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I went to my first vegan festival! It was amazing, there was so much stuff I wanted to buy but I had to stick to a few smaller bits since money isn’t something I tend to have. I had an amazing falafel wrap though and I think my mum enjoyed it too. I’m so grateful of how supportive my mum is of my dietary choices, I know a lot of peoples parents aren’t great about it but my mum dove straight in with it and I couldn’t be more glad to have her as my mum.



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