The Perks Of Being A Homeowner

It’s a wonderful time of life, buying a house. The feeling of accomplishment when you enter the threshold for the first time and take a big deep breath into a domain that is yours is one that is rarely replicated and one I can’t wait to experience myself. If you’ve spent your whole life renting from someone else, you too can imagine the feeling of relief that comes with paying your own mortgage for a change instead of someone else’s. You don’t have to ask permission to make changes to a house and while the bill stops at you for upgrades and boiler issues, it still doesn’t put a dampener on the fact that you are now a homeowner!

Buying a house comes with a lot of perks, and the huge asset under your belt is just one of them. You can check off the bucket list item of home ownership and you can feel accomplished among your group of friends for taking such a huge step. Usually a home purchase paves the way to relief that you have security. When you are the master (or mistress) of your own domain, you have achieved a lot more bargaining power when it comes to making upgrades or obtaining credit. You’re able to get personal loans for homeowners, as well as home improvement perks with the bank that you may not have been able to get before. Suddenly, being a homeowner opens a lot of doors that you didn’t have access to previously as a renter.

Financial security is a big deal for a homeowner, as when retirement comes around, your home is an asset you can either sell and cruise the world. You also have a huge asset to show for a lifetime of payments made. Renting is an easy option but home ownership is one that people strive for. The perks of renting simply don’t match up to what owning a house can give you. Renting a home always comes with insecurity. At any moment, the home owner could choose to sell up and you would have to move. The rent could increase and leave you without a choice but to move within your budget and you have to wait around for repairs to be made.

The privacy that you get as a homeowner is wonderful, and if you want to build onto the house you’ve bought, you can. It is far easier to feel respected when you own your house, as everyone is aware of the process it takes to actually buy a home. That kind of pressure is to be admired and taking the plunge to buy a house is a stressful time that you can wave goodbye to once you’ve done it. Buying a house means forming roots in an area that you love, meaning you can get more involved in the community and become someone who gets to know the neighbours on a personal level. This is the kind of interaction many don’t bother with when renting, as it’s not permanent. The perks to owning a house mean that you can be the new kids on the block with a smile.



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