An Instagram Update!

My Aunt has some of the cutest cats I’ve ever seen in my life, not to mention she has multiple gingers! I think this was either George or Isaac but lets be honest, I just know he’s cute whoever he is.

I love taking pictures while I’m out with my mum, it doesn’t matter where we’re going we just have a blast driving there with some music on having a chat and I enjoy that a lot. Plus, the clouds looked pretty sick.

Me and Rich literally only go shopping at night, partly because we don’t have to see as many people as we would if we went in the day, and partly because it means we get to see a sun set while we walk there.

My mum has this gorgeous mural in her living room so how can I not take selfies in front of it?!

I don’t often post pictures of myself without make up on, but I couldn’t resist this one. We just have such a blast together and I think this picture really shows that.



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