Pro’s and Con’s of Online Dating

With the way technology is becoming a bigger and bigger part of peoples lives, its obvious that online dating is becoming a more and more common way to find love. Personally, I’m all for it, but I thought I’d share a little list of pro’s and con’s for those thinking about giving it a go. I hope this helps you make your mind up whether you decide it’s your way forward or not!


You’re guaranteed to meet someone. It might take a little while but its pretty much promised that if you so choose, you will definitely find someone to go on at least one date with. It’s not guaranteed you’ll like them, but at the very least you’ll get to meet someone and hopefully have a nice time!

It doesn’t have to be long distance anymore. I think that for a long time people have assumed online dating only equates to long distance relationships but that doesn’t have to be the case! Not only are their apps like Tindr that show only people in your area, but theres a long list of city and county centred sites! Theres a Birmingham dating site, Cumbria dating site, Edinburgh dating site, Leeds dating, Gloucester dating, Reading dating AND Sussex dating! As you can see, there are a lot so I’m sure that with a quick google, you’ll be able to find one near you!

You can make sure you find people with similar interests to you. There are lots of times we meet people while we’re out and about and, while they’re usually lovely, we don’t always have a lot in common with them. Online dating means you can find out what people like before meeting them so if you love staying in watching movies you won’t need to spend two hours talking to someone that spends 8 hours a day going on hikes!


You do need to be careful. We all know about internet safety so I’ll not go too far into it, but it is important to keep yourself safe while online dating and that can be a bit of added hassle. It’s not too much hassle though, just make sure to talk to people via Skype or FaceTime before meeting up with them, and tell someone close to you where you’re going, who with and how long you should be there for. Likelihood is everyone you meet will be lovely, but you never know so it really is important to keep yourself safe.

People lie. It’s usually small things like having an older picture that shows them younger and better looking or lying about their tastes to seem ‘cool’, but it can be a very annoying con to online dating.

You might be judged for it, especially by the older generation. This shouldn’t play a part in whether or not you give it a go, you might find the love of your life so really who cares if your nan is going to think you’re strange for finding someone online?!


As you can see, the pro’s and con’s are pretty balanced! Online dating can be great fun even if you don’t find the love of your life so if you want to give it a go, do! Don’t let yourself be talked into it if you’re not interested though, life is all about doing what feels good and right for you, not doing what other people think you should or shouldn’t!

Do you think you’ll give online dating a go? I’d love to hear opinions in the comments, and any stories you have about online dating!



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