An Instagram Update!


I recently made the trip back to Birkenhead to have drinks with Rich and some friends for his last day of working in the place he was at for the last two years! He does have a new job, he hasn’t just quit out of the blue!

This cat is living somewhere near my mums house at he minute and I’m a bit worried he’s a stray. My mum keeps telling me to take him home but I won’t incase he actually already does have one. I don’t need to steal someone else’s cat when I already have two of my own!

Sorry my mirror is filthy, but I made my own pyjamas and thats pretty cool right?!

I’ve really gotten back into art lately and I’m loving it. I used to feel really rigid doing art, like every line had to be perfect and it had to end up exactly how I wanted it, but I’ve learnt to be more free and let it sort of just happen.

My art is definitely…cheap I guess. Clingfilm over anything becomes a palette and all my paints are from poundland, and thats fine because lets face it, I’m probably never going to become an actual artist and even if I was, the products you use to create something really don’t have much outcome on the finished product anyway.

And finally a sneak peak of what I was painting! I don’t really know what my ‘style’ is, sculptural abstract maybe? I don’t really care that much, I just know I enjoy doing it and I’m happy with how it comes out.



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