Here’s What Not To Do When Decluttering Your Home

forbloglol.jpgYou know it’s time to declutter your home when you walk in through the front door, and you have difficulty navigating your way to the living room. We accumulate a lot of stuff in our lives, and there will be things we know we should get rid of. Not only does it free up a lot of space in our homes, but decluttering is great for our mental health too. Not many of us can say that having a messy house isn’t stressful. However, the difficulty is in knowing where to start. While there are many articles online telling you what to do when it comes to decluttering, we are going to be a little different. Here is what you shouldn’t do!

Don’t do everything at once

Don’t bite off more than you can chew and attempt to declutter your house in just one day. You are only going to exhaust yourself when faced with this overwhelming task. Pace yourself, and work on one room at a time using a realistic schedule. Begin with the bedroom one day, for example, and then focus on your living room the next. As you begin to progress, you will feel motivated to do more, rather than leaving you feeling burned out.

Don’t throw away everything

Once you are in the mood to declutter, there will probably be no stopping you. You will be like a whirling dervish, maniacally spinning throughout each room, throwing things away left, right and center. Yes, there will be lots of things you no longer need, but you don’t want to throw something out and regret it later. There may be things that are worth a lot of money, and you can sell them instead. Some items may hold nostalgic value, and you will create sadness by throwing them away. You don’t want to throw away important paperwork, only to discover you need it months down the line. Pause for thought, and you will save yourself a lot of unnecessary grief when you realize you probably shouldn’t have recycled your best china.

Don’t leave the task unfinished

Once you have successfully packed your boxes and bags with junk, you don’t want to leave them lying around for days wondering where to put them. You will only create more mess for yourself. Label them accordingly, such as ‘put in the trash,’ or ‘donate to charity,’ and then do it. You can hire a company such as Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal to get rid of your junk within a day, and you should load your car up and deliver anything you are donating before the week is out.

Don’t replace old with new

Finally, don’t refill your newly created space with something else. You will only be in the same position this time next year. Make it a habit to only buy things you need, rather than adding to your storage problems. You will save yourself a lot of work in the process, and you will finally be able to find your cat again, who had long been lost in the mess that used to be your closet!





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