Knot A Problem: 5 Reasons Knotted Jewellery Is In


There is always a new trend in fashion. Sometimes it’s because of the season, and other times it’s because of a popular celebrity. Sometimes, it’s the overall package. At the moment, knotted jewellery is a trend which is red hot because it has everything. What is everything? Why do people love it so much? Here are a few of the tell-tale signs.

It Has Meaning

Women love to wear things that have a special meaning. For some reason, it heightens the experience and takes jewellery to another level. Well, knotted accessories hit the nail slap bang on the head. Depending on the piece, the meaning can range from love, affection and friendship. As long as there is a knot, it symbolises a bond between you and the person of whom it reminds you. If you want to go one step further, it’s a sign of infinity because the knot never ends. Deep!

And Flexibility

No, the jewellery itself isn’t flexible. If it is, you need a refund as soon as possible! In this case, it refers to the different types of jewellery. Usually, knots are on rings of all shapes and sizes. In fact, it’s pretty hard to move in jewellers nowadays without getting tied in one (get it?). But, the buck doesn’t stop with rings as there are knotted necklaces, earrings and even engagement rings. Jaubalet custom made jewellery can cover pretty much anything that regards accessories. Depending on your mood and style, a knot seems to tick all of the boxes.

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 11.33.40.pngCheap And Expensive?

Yep, it sounds very contradictory! However, there are jewellery pieces which are inexpensive and expensive at the same time. A wedding or engagement ring is a prime example. Every woman wants something beautiful, and every man doesn’t want to spend a fortune. Knotted rings are an excellent middle ground as they use precious metals but in smaller quantities. So, the price is steep without being unaffordable. Any girl who wants a diamond in her life can count of a knot, and the same goes for gold and platinum.

Appeals To Guys

Men don’t and shouldn’t dictate what women wear. But, guys do like to surprise their other halves from time to time with a gift. More often than not, it’s jewellery. The problem for men is knowledge or lack thereof. The majority of them don’t have a clue what to choose and need something plain and straightforward. Again, a knotted piece is a perfect compromise because guys understand it and women love the look. Lots of women choose their style, but their men do like to chip in now and again. When they do, a knot is inevitable!


Last but not least, a knot won’t fade into obscurity. Sure, the trend might not stay in the public eye for much longer, but the fashion will last the test of time. The industry is like a yo-yo in the sense that things bounce back. Knotted jewellery will do, and has done this because they mix simplicity with elegance.

Quite simply, a knot is a savvy and beautiful investment which ticks all the boxes.



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