An Instagram Update!

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I really wish I knew what to do with my hair

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Really though, I do need to figure something out because its looked more or less the same for at least five years.

I know you’ve already seen a lot of Ellie’s face (lets hope she doesn’t mind) but you’re going to keep seeing it because she is amazing, and there are few things better than taking selfies with friends.

This is a great example of social media because it looks like a good pie right? The inside was like water and I had maybe 3 mouthfuls before binning the whole thing. Don’t trust everything you see online kids.

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Sometimes you need to just breathe and watch the sunset

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It’s been a while since I posted the view of a sunset from my kitchen window but this one was so beautiful that I might just get back into the habit. I’m lucky enough to have 3 windows that give beautiful views out on to the Mersey and it was part of the reason we took the house so I should definitely take more pictures!

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Pals hanging out being spooky

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Horror con was great, and there will be a whole post about it soon, but a huge amount of what made it great was the people I got to spend it with.

I’ve posted a picture of an animal that isn’t my cat? Whats this? I’ve made friends with Kiah’s guineapigs now and I love them a lot, though they still scare me and I worry I might squish them because they’re so tiny compared to my cats!



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