The Cat Crisis – Purrfect Addition Or Clawful Idea?

Two puns in one title – you’ve gotta be kitten me! Are you fur real? There couldn’t pawsably be more. Ok, don’t get hissterical. Cats all for now.

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On a serious note, the decision to get a cat is one that requires careful consideration. There’s no doubt that it can bring a lot of joy to your world. If living in a family household, a furry friend can bring you closer together as you’ll have something to direct your love towards. Meanwhile, the emotional health factors are potentially even greater when living alone. That companionship can make a world of difference.

 Cats are far more independent than dogs, which is a real advantage for busy people who work long hours. However, you’d be very wrong to assume that cats don’t require a lot of attention. They still require regular grooming and daily feeding. Meanwhile, you will need to think about injections and other medical elements. Aside from the time and effort, this may require a financial investment.

 On a brighter note, advantix for cats can prevent fleas. Therefore, keeping the kitten healthy and avoiding the threat to the family can be quite easy. Then again, some humans can be allergic to cat hair. If this is an issue for your family, a non-moulting cat is essential. In truth, though, you’d probably be better off leaving it altogether.

 Aside from the compatibility with sensitive skin, you’ll need to consider the behavioral aspects. Getting a rescue cat can feel very rewarding on an emotional level. Unfortunately, it can be a little harder to discourage bad habits. House training is usually a little easier with other cats, but there are no guarantees in this world.

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Interactions with humans aren’t the only focus, either. If you’re considering adding a cat to the home, there’s a chance you may already have pets. Introducing animals to each other can be notoriously difficult, especially when it’s cats and dogs. This American Humane guide can be very handy. Then again, if you believe there could be a serious issue, it’s best not to take a risk.

 While a lot of the points in this post have been warnings, that shouldn’t discourage you from getting a cat. The fact of the matter is that getting a cat when the environment isn’t suitable is unfair fair on all parties. On the other hand, they are one of the most exciting and lovable pets that anyone could ever ask for.

 Cats can even help out with household protection, preying on rodents and other annoying intruders. Better still, the relatively low maintenance and other benefits mean that you can often consider getting two cats. Double the joy. Double the fun.

 Overall, cats are a wonderful pet, and I am most certainly a massive fan myself. As long as you are responsible enough to analyze the suitability of your situation, it could be the greatest addition your family ever makes.

 Oh, and if you’re feline nice, you could help meowt with more clawver puns below. That would litterally be pawsome.




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