Home Decor: Creating Your Own Sense Of Style

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One of the perks of being a homeowner is being able to create your own sense of style. Your only limit is your imagination, without the hassle of an overbearing landlord breathing down your neck because you dared to pin a poster up on your bedroom wall. You can do what you want, within the realms of safety, at least, but where do you begin? Should you be feeling stuck, we have some ideas to help you develop a style that is personal to you. Read on to find out more.

Look for inspiration

There’s nothing wrong in looking at other places for inspiration. Yes, you are looking to create your sense of style, but you need to start somewhere. When you visit your friends, tell them you’re popping to the loo, and then have a quick snoop around their homes and pick up some tips. Don’t steal all their ideas, of course, as you will have some explaining to do the next time they visit your place. Then head online and look at the best home decor websites. A little bit of expert advice is always useful, and you may see something that fuels your starving imagination.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match

Remember, you are styling your home to suit you. It’s your choice, so don’t think you need to conform to what others tell you is best. If you want to bring a bit of the modern into your home, such as a designer coffee table, and then place it next to a vintage chair, so be it. It’s a common trend to blend style these days, so there is nothing wrong in mixing things up a little. The same applies to colour, but if you don’t want to make a faux pas with the decor, pick a colour wheel, or opt for something neutral as you begin to build your style.

Go for the personal touch

As we said, it’s your living space, so it needs to be unique to who you are, your tastes and personality. Take the time to go through your personal belongings, and find items you would be happy to display. This might include things you have found on holiday, or collectable items, such as ornaments, books, and dvds. Integrate these items into your living space, or have a specific area of your room where these things are displayed. A house isn’t a home until it is something that shouts ‘you’ when you walk into a room, so take the time to surround yourself with the things you love. You will also create some great talking points with your friends, so your gallery of exotic holiday items, for example, will be much more interesting than your gazillion of vacation pics.

When money is an issue

You probably have a wishlist of things you want in your home, but if you don’t have the money to splurge out, you will have to make some cutbacks. You can still get the look you want by buying second-hand or by revamping old furniture, and then you could go back and redo a room again when you have the money to spend. Remember too, that your style tastes will change over time, so only spend the big bucks on the items you love. You may be able to sell some things later on, of course, such as fancy sofas and antique tables, but you may not want to spend too much on wallpaper and carpeting, unless you make them a permanent fixture.


And so…


In short, do what you want and how you want. Your home is like your skin, you want to feel comfortable in it, so blaze your own trail as you seek to style your home.






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