Can You Curtain Your Excitement For This Post?

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Most people probably will be able to curtail their excitement for a post all about curtains, but as for you, dear reader, I know that all of you interior-focused people will not be able to curtain themselves!

See what I did there?

There’s a lot more to drapes and curtains than simply hanging them in front of your windows. In fact, if you don’t put too much thought into yours when you need to buy new ones, then you might end up with some that look totally out of place in your home. So, read on to make sure your drapes don’t show you up!


Check The Cleaning Label

You should see your curtains as a long-term investment. After all, you won’t want to go to all the hassle of having to unpeg them from the railings and replace with new ones too often – it is certainly a lot of hard work. So, you need to find a set that will last for a while. One way you can ensure that they last for a fairly long time if by buying some that you can wash. Of course, you don’t want to buy any that come with the dreaded dry-clean only symbol on their cleaning label, as that is going to be expensive! So, double check the cleaning label before you buy some curtains and make sure that they can go in your washing machine.

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Custom Vs Price

There are now lots of companies, including, that offer custom-made curtains and drapes. These are worth considering if you have any specific requirements for your curtains. For instance, if you have a window that doesn’t follow the traditional measurements, then you might not be able to find curtains that fit it in shops on the high street. However, custom curtains can be slightly more pricey, so you just need to make sure that you plan for them in your budget.

Consider Length

There’s a current trend for curtains that go way past the bottom of the window and reach the floor of the room. This trend has come about because these extra-long curtains can bring a bit more class and sophistication to rooms. So, if you’ve been trying to add some deluxe touches to your rooms, this is certainly one way to do it. However, those of you who have pets in the home might not be so impressed with this idea – after all, you don’t want your moggy clawing at the bottom of the curtain!

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Benefit From Seasonal Curtains

Did you know that you can buy thermal curtains for the winter months? These will help increase the insulation around the window, even if you have double glazing from, and will help to make the room feel warmer. It’s a nice idea to swap these in the spring for some lighter linen curtains, so that your rooms don’t overheat during the summer months.


Hopefully, your adrenalin isn’t racing too much after this exciting curtain post. But, trust me, all of these great curtain tips can really improve your home!



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