What I’ve Been Watching On Netflix

I’m a bit of a Netflix fiend, its true, and since the weather has been getting colder and I’ve been catching cold after cold, I’ve spent a lot longer than I want to admit planted on my couch browsing Netflix. I’ve found some really great stuff and I though I may as well use my new found knowledge of Netflix with the world so that if you’re looking for something to watch, you can have a little nose through my recommendations!

Stranger Things

This has to be mentioned right? The second season is out and me and Rich watched it in two days, which is nothing new for me but Rich is more of an ‘one episode per day’ type of guy usually. For anyone that hasn’t watched it, its a kind of fantasy/sci fi/horror/80’s feel good cheese type of thing focussing around a group of friends that have some weird shit happen to them. I know its vague but I don’t want to spoil anything! It’s got a great plot, the child actors are literally somehow just as good as the adults and it really feels like its from the 80’s and not just set in them.

Toast of London

I love comedy, so there is going to be a lot of it here most probably, and Matt Berry just kills me. He’s a sort of rubbish down on his luck actor who just ends up in the most ridiculous situations that are somehow still kind of believable. It’s super funny and a lot of episodes have musical numbers which I love, its so surreal for it to just go from Steven Toast trying to get through life, to singing to the camera and then back again. It’s hilarious and a bit stupid and thats why I love it.

Sound City

Sound city is a documentary about the studio Sound City directed by Dave Grohl with a mad host of incredible musicians in it and a hell of a lot of incredible music. So many legendary bands played in this studio and its so cool seeing them all come together and play, and its awesome learning more about the studio that housed bands from Nirvana to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Mighty Boosh

Mighty Boosh is a surreal comedy starring Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt that was originally on BBC3 from 2004 until 2007 and its one of my favourite shows ever. It’s hilarious, its weird, some parts are surprisingly touching and again, it incorporates a lot of music. If the fact that theres a song with the lyric “Cheese is a kind of a meat, a tasty yellow beef” doesn’t make you want to watch it I don’t know what would.

Peep Show

Peep show is another comedy duo, this time Robert Webb and David Mitchell and Mark and Jeremy, and the whole show is filmed exclusively from characters points of view. It sounds weirder than it is, it just kind of feels like you’re watching everyones lives through their eyes, which only makes it sound weirder. Jeremy is a sort of ‘I don’t care about anything I’m gonna be a musician, man’ kind of guy while Mark is more of a ‘everything matters to much and I’m going to vomit’ type of man and the characters just play really well off each other and end up in insane situations like carrying peoples dead dogs around in plastic bags. Funny, right?

The IT Crowd

I  think most people have seen this by now because its one of the best things to ever come from Channel 4, but if you hadn’t its two computer nerds in a basement with a woman who has no clue what she’s doing and a goth that stays in a different room and is only occasionally in it. Theres great stuff like street countdown and gay musicals and its normally very awkward situation based comedy, which is one of the types of comedy that really splits my sides.

The Kennedys

I watched this because Katherine Parkinson is in it, she’s in a few things I’ve watched including The IT Crowd and she’s just so funny I couldn’t resist. The Kennedys is set in England in the 70’s and it follows one family, The Kennedys, and the weird things that happen with them and their friends. I loved it because lots of parts reminded me of my own childhood even though I wasn’t raised in the 70’s, things like having to figure out where to wee while you’re camping or getting the dress you need to keep clean muddy are things that weren’t so funny back then but are when they happen to someone else on the TV.

Big Mouth

A friend recommended this to me and I LOVE it! I’m not usually one for American comedy or for cartoon comedy but this is just brilliant, the characters are relatable and the jokes are rude and stupid and really appeal to my inner fifteen year old. It basically follows some teenagers as they approach and begin to experience puberty and I think its one of the best Netflix originals so far. It’s definitely not sophisticated but its funny and immature and sometimes you need a show to be that.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror messes me up. I don’t even know how to explain it. Each episode is its own self contained story and they all tend to contain some sort of technology that doesn’t exist– YET. It’s terrifying but brilliant, like everything Charlie Brooker writes. Theres a lot of satirical humour and he generally uses the show to comment on different things happening currently, it almost feels like a warning for the future and its just so incredibly well written and made.

So theres some of the bits I’ve been watching lately, let me know in the comments if you’ve watched any of these or if you have any recommendations for me!



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