An Instagram Update!

You might want to grab a cuppa for this one because I’ve had a great week and this post might be very long.

I’ve been on youtube for a while now but never really figured out what it was I wanted to do until now. I love comedy, I love weird surreal comedy and yet I wasn’t doing anything with it. I have a whole notebook filled with little ideas I haven’t used because I was afraid of being weird or odd or disliked but I’m at a point where I don’t care as much and just want to make stuff for the sake of making it, not for validation from outside view points. All this means that you can now click here to watch a slightly odd but hopefully funny video I made!

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Late night projects are always a good idea 💡

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This is for another video, but I need a friend to help me with this one and I’m still very anxious about presenting my ‘creative ideas’ to people in real life, which I’m trying to get over but not doing a great job of.

I had just come out of an interview that I thought went well when I took this, but I don’t think it went so well after all since I didn’t hear anything back! It’s disappointing because it was for an apprenticeship that I think I would have really loved, but I’m trying to not be disheartened and just keep applying to things I both can do well and would enjoy.

You’ve seen Ellie a few times now, because she’s absolutely brilliant, and thankfully my mum also thinks that! I always form my own opinions of people without taking into regard what other people think, but I’m always still really thankful when my mum likes my friends!

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I can't believe he's stuck with me for four years

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Four years! Four Years! Four Years! Four Years! I think you get it now right? It’s a bit weird being without someone for that long, for me at least, and even though a lot of that time has been pretty rough I’ve been so happy with Rich and I think we’re going to continue being happy together for a long time to come.

I say again, Four Years!!!

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I've had such a great day/evening/night/four years

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I just feel very lucky to have someone I still find interesting and funny and lovely after seeing them very nearly every day for four years.

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Life can be so beautiful if you just take the time to look around

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It really can. I don’t live in the prettiest area of Liverpool by far, theres usually at least one bin thats been set on fire within a mile radius of my house and theres forever a banged up car parked somewhere near by, but theres still beautiful sunsets and pretty flowers and a lovely view to be found somewhere, just some places you need to look for those things a little harder than in others.

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Cats are like a little bit of real life magic

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It wouldn’t be an instagram update without a cat would it? I took this picture of Jodie randomly with my DSLR because I liked the lighting and even though its not a perfect picture I know, I really love it. I just think she looks really pretty okay?!



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