An Instagram Update!

Only a short one this week! I can’t believe we’re all the way in November and I’ve actually managed to keep this going each week for the whole year so far! I’m really proud of this, I never thought I’d manage it this far and now 2018 is in sight and I might actually manage it!

I bought these corduroy pants from a charity shop (also the cardie and t-shirt) and I love them a lot, though they are cropped which limit my shoe choices. I definitely need to get myself a full length pair at some point and so should you!

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What a babe what a beauty

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I hope you’re all getting used to Ellie’s face because we spend a lot of time together at the minute and every second of it is a lot of fun and tends to result in a lot of dumb selfies, many of which are never, ever, ever going up online anywhere.

We dyed our hair together! I don’t think either of us actually ended up with what we wanted but we both look great and are very happy with our new colours. I’ve never had help to dye my hair before either and its really nice to know that I actually did the back of my head this time….I have forgotten more than once.


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