An Instagram Update!

I really need to get back into instagram, and I am trying. I just haven’t felt the need to take or share as many photos lately and I try to just do whatever I feel like doing, meaning I haven’t been posting a lot. I think the pictures I have posted are ones I really like and that make me happy though, even if they’re not the pictures likely to get a lot of likes that other bloggers seem to try to post. I’m just trying to do my own thing okay!

We had a lovely night out and I can’t deal with how good our hair looks in this picture, plus Ellie looks amazing like always. This was actually the first time I’ve done my make up and gotten ready to go out with another girl, usually I just do it on my own or ‘with’ Rich, though I’m not sure that counts since he just plays fallout 4 until ten minutes before we need to go and then puts his shoes on and is immediately ready.

I bought this dress about 2 years ago and have only recently had the confidence to wear it. I don’t know if its because I’ve lost some weight and therefore feel more comfortable or if its because I’ve been putting so much effort into loving myself more but either way, I’ve been really enjoying wearing this!

Yeah, I have a weird mannequin that I found in a dumpster.

I also have a best friend who is just as weird as me. Thank God.



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