How I’m Wrapping My Presents!

I love everything about Christmas that you can possibly love, and one of those things is wrapping presents! I feel like a lot of people find this part of the festive season really boring and dull but personally I love playing around with the way I wrap presents. I put so much effort into buying people things I think they’ll like, I want the outside to look just as good and exciting as the actual present.

So, how am I switching it up this year? I’ve done a few different things this year, mostly playing with stickers. I bought these golden glitter letters from either poundland or B&M, I don’t quite remember which and since my handwriting is awful I much prefer the way that these look! I also used a couple of tassels on one present for my mum that I made in about 5 minutes using some embroidery thread. You could do it in more festive colours like red and green but I felt like something about more subtle complimented the lovely robin patterned from Tesco really nicely.

On others I tried out putting the letter stickers on and then spray painting over them with some cheap gold spray paint from poundland, finally peeling them off to reveal the name and I think this looks really cool! It’s metallic and fun and would be lovely to do in different colours for kids or friends.

I used some puff paint for one but it didn’t turn out brilliantly (sorry Ellie!), if you have a steadier hand or are more art-able you could make this look really impressive but alas, it was not the right decision for me so for the others I stuck with my stickers and used gold glitter washi tape from John Lewis to add a bit more of an embellishment and more sparkle.

I try to just have fun with wrapping presents and not worry too much about making it look perfect since it really is the thought that counts!



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