Christmas at Mums!

Every year the Christmas boxes at my mums get pulled out of whatever dusty place they’re hidden in all year and we all get to go through them and decorate. The decorations we use are mostly ones that we’ve had since I was a kid, and some even from before I was born. A lot of them have stories behind them too, like a musical carousel that was given to my eldest brother by a security guard in John Lewis like some sort of home alone Christmas miracle. I thought I’d use this post as an excuse to show you some of my mums decorations, and also just how bloody gorgeous my mum is!

Some of the first things to get pulled out are things we bought while living in Denmark and have somehow managed to keep a hold of for all these years. This is mostly what I honestly think is my mums favourite Danish thing, Nisse. Nisse are little gnome type things that live in everyones house all year round eating the scraps of food that get dropped or left about and if you don’t leave out a bowl of rice pudding for them on Christmas eve they become very mischievous!

One of my favourite decorations of my mums is a door plaque/wreath thing that we’ve had on a door in the house at Christmas for as long as I can remember. I just think its really pretty and colourful, and it contains all those warm childhood memories of the festive season. One of my least favourite can also be seen in a picture below, its a weird Christmas doll thing that my mum bought in Denmark and its face is honestly the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen.

She also has all sorts of things that get hung all around the house, like the snow globe like bauble pictured below and the little dolls that always hang off a mirror. You can also see the pride on my face because I managed to hang both them and some tinsel without knocking down or otherwise damaging the mirror.

Finally, the thing everyone cares about most, the tree! As a kid we always had a real one but none of us can really be bothered with the mess anymore so its fake now, but all the decorations on it are ones that were one it when I was younger. There are hand painted Danish decorations, plastic ones my mum bought in the 80’s, crackers that I’m still desperate to pull and of course, a total overload of tinsel.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 19.34.36

Mine and my mums decorating opinions are very different usually but when it comes to the tree we both go for the same thing; a lot of sparkle and a lot of colour. In the picture above you can also see the carousel bauble I told you about at the start, and amazingly enough it actually still plays music!

I can’t wait to write another post about how I’m decorating my own house, but I honestly haven’t gotten round to decorating it yet! Terrible I know, but I will be doing it very soon and showing you a hell of a lot of pictures.



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