A Grateful List!

Now that we’re rapidly approaching Christmas and the end of the year, I’ve taken a bit of time out to think over the last year and all the things I’ve been grateful for and thought I’d share some of them because I think it’s really important to notice the things around you sometimes. I so often take my family for granted but when I think about it I’m so grateful to have them around, which takes us to the first thing I’m thankful for!

My mum is amazing, she’s so supportive and caring and does tiny things that constantly show she’s thinking about me even when I’m not about and I really appreciate everything she still does for me. Rich and the little family we’ve created with the cats is the thing I’m most grateful for. Rich is constantly patient and understanding, he’s so caring and is absolutely my rock, I don’t know what I’d do without him. I’m so grateful to have made my home with him, to be able to look around and see us all around the house. He keeps me safe and warm and happy and I will never be able to express exactly how much he means to me.

Next up we have to talk about my friends since that’s what comes along with family, and they’re near enough my extra family at this point. I’ve managed to find a group of people who are so warm and compassionate its unbelievable. Every single one of my friends are so kind, thoughtful, understanding and loving and I feel so fortunate to have met them. Having people in my life who I relate to and find interesting and care about so much is amazing and I’m beyond grateful to have the privilege to love them and be loved by them in return.

Leading on from my human families I have to say how grateful I am for my pets and my friends pets! My cats constantly cheer me up and make me laugh, and make me tidy the whole house behind them when they run through paint. They’re great company and they’re the only cats that have ever sat with me by choice. I absolutely adore them, they’re so important to me and I’m grateful to have them around and be able to look after them. I’m grateful for my friends pets too, they cheer my friends up when I can’t be there, and when I am there they’re cute little fluffs that I get to love!

I know this one sounds a bit silly, but I’m really grateful to nature. Having gone vegan, I’ve been eating a lot more fruits and vegetables and I’m really grateful to have not only been able to afford to do so, but to have been able to do so at all. I’ve really gained an appreciation this year for the food that goes into nourishing my mind and body and I’m also grateful that I’m able to gain that nourishment without having to harm any animals.

A bit of a heavier one now. I’m grateful to live in a place where me and my friends can celebrate and be open about our sexualities. I actually met my friends at Liverpool pride and I’m really grateful that we were able to meet for the first time at an event where we were all so happy and proud and connected, and like I said, I’m especially grateful to live in a place where we were able to feel like that and express that with no threat of punishment and no judgement.

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 13.53.47

Finally, I’m grateful for art in all mediums. I’m grateful to have the time to paint and write and create music and I’m grateful for all the people that have done that before me and left their mark on the world for all to see in the way of art. I’ve heard amazing songs this year, watched incredible films and TV shows, read amazing books and seen amazing drawings, paintings and sculptures and I’ve been able to gain inspiration from them all.

What have you been grateful for this year? I’d love to hear about it in the comments or read your own post about it!



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