Christmas Bucket List!

There are some things that I usually do around Christmas time that I sometimes need a reminder to do, and some things that I’ve always wanted to do so I decided this year I’d put together a little bucket list of the things I’d really like to do this month so that I might manage to remember to actually do some of them!

Ice Skating! I’ve never been ice skating and really want to give it a go, though I’m not sure how well it’ll go since I didn’t even manage to rollerblade as a kid.

Have a hot chocolate with vegan cream and marshmallows! Usually around Christmas me and Rich will pop into town a couple of times to get huge hot chocolates with all the toppings, but since going vegan I won’t be able to do that this year so I really want to get all vegan ingredients to make my own!

Make mulled wine and have some friends over! I’ve enjoyed drinking and making mulled wine the last few years but as of yet have only shared it with my mum and boyfriend, so this year I’d really like to find time to make a huge pan of it and invite some friends round for a meal and drinks.

Make a Nisse! When we lived in Denmark a lot of people sold home made nisse but I never figured out how to make them, hopefully this year will be the year.

Drive around with my mum to see everyones Christmas decorations. I used to love doing this with my parents as a kid and honestly I’d still love it just as much.

Successfully make Christmas cookies. I’ve tried a couple of times already but not had much luck, I’d really like to perfect a recipe to share with you in the next week or two!

There are a few things that would have been on my list last week but that I have since done, like decorating my window now that we live in a house rather than a flat and drying out some oranges, but having ticked them off already thats all I can think of for now! Is there anything you think I should add?



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